Our new wellness planner

We are thrilled to finally be able to share the news that our body and soul journal is going to be available again from the 19th of May (this coming Wednesday!), and it's the best version of it to date!
 If you loved our old Body and Soul Journal, you'll see quite a few differences. First of all, it covers 12 months rather than just 6 (so you get so much more use out of it!) and it focuses a lot more on intentions and mental wellness, rather than weight, although it still has space for your meal plans and exercise regime. 
It has monthly and weekly views (undated, so you can use it straight away). Consider it a all-in-one weekly diary, reflection journal, habits tracker, exercise and meal planner, intentions and gratitude journal and much more. It's a safe space where you can take the time to express yourself, bathe in self-care and set intentions at a pace which is most comfortable for you. 
12 months of wellness at your fingertips.

wellness planner 2021

wellness planner

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