What wedding invitation package is right for me?

If you got to this page, it's probably because you are ready or are looking to order your wedding stationery...and there are so many options that it might feel so overwhelming! 

Let's start with a few questions:

1.  How much information would you like to provide your guests with? 

A. You are getting married abroad: If you are planning an oversea's wedding (or even a wedding in the UK, but a lot of your guests are not local to the venue), guests will expect some guidance in terms of accommodation, flights or travel information, local taxi company phone numbers or information about how to reach the venue, gift list information, local attractions, restaurants etc. And if you are planning on extending the celebration for a couple of days, maybe some information about what activities you have planned for your guests. What I would suggest in this case, is a separate information card, to be added to your chosen package. You can still go for a simple yet elegant 'Classic' package or a more glittery 'Debut' package, but you can purchase some extra information cards (which can be printed double sided with more information on the back, or even a map!). Alternatively, the 'Jewel' and 'Gala' packages already come with an information card as part of the package. And you can also add multiple information cards! I recommend having no more than 3 for the 'Classic' and 'Debut' packages, and no more than to 2 for the 'Jewel' and "Gala' package.

B. You are getting married locally, but you still want your guests to have as much information as possible and you don't have a restricted budget. Just like the answer for the previous question, you can add extra information cards to any of the packages (the 'Jewel' and 'Gala' already come with one). 

C. You want to give your guests some information, but it doesn't need to be loads! Maybe you should consider just having some extra information written on the back of your invitation cards. You can either just purchase the invitation on its own (select 'Extra Information on the reverse' as an option), or you can choose the 'Classic' or 'Debut' package  (select 'Extra Information on the reverse' as an option) and I will add some extra wording on the back. Remember, the invites are 5x7" in size, so it only works if you have 3 or 4 paragraphs of text, not much more!

D: Your guests don't need extra information or you have a wedding website to keep your guests informed. Go ahead and order just the invites, or the 'Classic' or 'Debut' packages (they come with the RSVP card, bellybands and all the envelopes).


2.  What's your budget?

A. I am planning my wedding on a budget: If you want beautiful invitations, without spending too much money, I would suggest purchasing just the invitations (with maybe the option of adding some extra information on the back). They come with envelopes included in the price, so they are ready to be sent out to your guests as soon as they are ready! You could add your email address so that your guests can RSVP electronically, or you could add a link to your wedding website, where guests will be able o find out more information and RSVP.

B. I have set aside a medium budget for my invitations and I love the idea of sending out RSVP cards: the perfect package in this case would either be the 'Classic' or the 'Debut'. Both come with the invitation and RSVP card, all kept together nicely with a bellyband (printed for the 'Classic' and glitter with a name card for the 'Debut'). They both come with all the envelopes (one for the RSVP and one for the whole package). You can also choose the option of adding extra information on the back of the invite (or a map), or you could purchase an extra information card to go with the package.

C. I have a decent budget and would like my invitation to really stand out. The 'Jewel' or the 'Gala' package would be perfect for you! Both come in a lovely pocketfold (in lots of different colours!). Each pocketfold contains the invitation, information card, RSVP card and all the envelopes (one for the return RSVP and one for sending out the package). You can choose between a printed paper bellyband (for the 'Jewel') or a glitter one with a name card (for the 'Gala'). 


3.  Will you need evening invites?

A. Yes. The most popular choice for evening invites is to just send out the invitation on its own to keep the costs down. You don't have to order the same package for daytime and evening guests if you don't want to (just add them separately in the basket). But there's no real rule, so if you'd like a nice package with RSVP cards and bellybands (or even a pretty pocketfold) for your evening guests, it's more than acceptable and they'll love it! 

B. No, all my guests are invited to ceremony and reception. Just select your Daytime package and I'll get working on your design as soon as possible!

I hope this helps and get in touch if you have any questions!