Originally from a little town outside Milan (Italy), Mara used to spend hours as a small child looking through her grandparents' photo albums, engrossed in each photograph, trying to piece their story together. That’s when her love for collecting memories and a passion for paper started. A wearer of many hats, Mara has been a designer, a teacher, a dreamer and everything in between.

A compulsive maker, when she's not busy designing new products and stationery, Mara can be found on the sofa binging on her favourite Netflix shows, researching anything true crime, wondering why all her plants are dying or chasing after the 3rd and 4th members of Blush and Gold, our two cats Buddy and Holly.


A musician at heart, when he’s not laying down riffs or entertaining crowds in one of his bands, he can be found organising things behind the scenes at Blush and Gold. A self-confessed lover of spreadsheets and Excel, Paul’s most at home creating lists and trying to keep Mara’s feet on the ground.

Aside from Blush and Gold, Paul also has another business, ‘Music For Functions’, a music and entertainment agency. His other loves include the eternal damnation that is following Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and snowboarding (badly).