Body + Soul

12 months of wellness

Life is a wonderfully imperfect journey.

Sometimes the route is calm, at times scenic and some days it’s precarious and rocky.
Whatever the moment, whatever we experience, there comes a time when we need a little guidance - to reset our trusty compass, get back on track and continue along our intended journey.


The Body + Soul Journal is a 12 month weekly planner and reflection journal designed to guide you through your wellness journey. Consider it an all-in-one weekly diary, reflection journal, habits tracker, exercise and meal planner, intentions and gratitude journal and much more. It's a safe space where you can take the time to express yourself, bathe in self-care and set intentions at a pace which is most comfortable for you. 
12 months of wellness at your fingertips.

Gratitude diary

2 cover designs
2 ribbon markers
Hardback binding

Gratitude journal

196 pages
Thick 120gsm paper
Foiled gilt edging

Mindful journal

Foiled cover and spine
165mm (W) x 210mm (H)


Self care journal

Look inside.

12 months of wellness in one book, designed to enrich your body and soul.
Wellbeing Journal

Section Pages

The journal is divided into 4 sections.
'Intentions', 'The big picture', 'Week by week', 'The reflection journal'. Each section is introduced and explained with examples, in case you need some guidance to get started.

Daily goal setting


Intentions form the road map of where to focus your energies. The journal will help you to think about the major areas of your life, set realistic intentions and then work out what actions you can take to make them happen.

Gratitude journal


Routines bring order and set the tone for your day; they put your brain into autopilot so that you can accomplish more. You can use your journal to develop daily, weekly and yearly routines to comlement your lifestyle and objectives.

Self care journal

The Big Picture

12 monthly spreads to jot down your plans. These monthly pages also include a handy habits tracker, a prompted monthly check-in space, a focus section (so you can reflect on what needs a bit of extra attention this month) and space for notes.

Self care gift

Week By Week

52 undated weekly spreads to plan your days (lots of space to plan your weekends too). Each week includes a section for gratitude, your exercise schedule and you will also find a useful section to plan your weekly meals. Healthy body, healthy mind.

gratitude & positivity

Review Points

3 review points (one at the beginning, one at the mid-year point and one at the end of the journal to allow you to assess where you are at and reflect on your accomplishments. Assess and realign your intentions if necessary; it's all part of the process.

Exercise journal

End Of The Year Review

A spread dedicated to reviewing the previous 12 months and get yourself ready for next year. Assess what happened, how it affected you and what changes you want to make. What will you take with you into the new year?

Self care journal

The Reflection Journal

28 guided reflection pages and worksheets to help you improve your strengths, align your vision, overcome your fears, set your intentions. Designed to only take a few minutes to complete, it's time to sit back and collect your thoughts.

Everyday planner

Notes Pages

Notes pages at the end of the journal to fill out as you please. Bucket lists? Shopping lists? Meeting notes? Quotes you don't want to forget? Enough space for all those important thoughts that need writing down without delay.

A note about our journals:

A well loved journal will show some signs of love and use. Scratches and marks are normal and to be expected (foiled areas are especially susceptible). Please look after your journal by being careful not to put things on top of it (hot drinks, dirty hands and anything that can scratch the surface of the journal are a no no) and by paying attention on how you store it.

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