Best Man and Groomsmen's duties

Best Man and groomsmen duties
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Plan the stag do 
Attend any suit fittings 
Make sure the groom is on time 
Coordinate the other groomsmen
Put together an emergency kit 
Take care of the rings for the ceremony
Witness the signing of the marriage license
Look after the marriage license 
Liaise with suppliers on the wedding day 
Give a speech and toast
Be on hand throughout the day
Provide moral support
Ensure bride and groom get back safely
Return rented attire after the wedding


Help plan the stag do
Attend any suit fittings if required
Stay in touch with the groom regularly
Attend all pre-wedding events if required
Run last minute errands
Help with out-of-town guests
Purchase a gift for the groom
Get a timeline of the day
Help the groom get ready on the day
Have all emergency contacts on hand
Help set up the venue decorations
Ensure the groom is on time
Escort guests to their seats
Help with hosting duties on the day
Make sure the transportation runs smoothly
Help decorate the “honeymoon” car
Be on hand to assist with any hiccups
Give the vendors their payment envelopes
Keep gifts and cards safe
Help round guests up for the group photos
Help clean up the venue
Make sure everyone’s having a good time
Direct guests to the guestbook
Help keep the groom calm
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