You and Me - Our new gender neutral wedding planners


LGBTQ wedding planner book

We are extremely proud to be able to offer a new range of gender neutral wedding planners.  We have been asked by many customers whether our standard wedding planners are suitable for LGBTQ weddings and we have always been embarrassed to say that unfortunately they aren’t as they mainly cater for mainstream bride-groom weddings.

But not anymore! We have just launched 2 designs that don’t mention the gender of either spouses or the gender of any of the wedding party. Perfectly suitable to cover pretty much all weddings, words have been carefully chosen to be as inclusive as possible, streering away from any gender stereotypes. For example 'dress' (now referred as 'outfit'), bride and groom ( now referred as 'spouses') and much more.

LGBTQ wedding planner

LGBTQ wedding planner

LGBTQ wedding

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