Our team is growing!


Well, excuse the tired face, messy hair, no make-up and messy office in the background (and the ladder from the loft in the background!), we are 30 weeks pregnant! Most of you know already from social media or from my emails, but we thought we'd also make a little blog post to announce it properly...our little team is growing!

As some of you might know, one of the reason I started Blush and Gold was because I wanted to start a family and be as 'present' as possible in my kids' lives. I wanted to be able to fit work around our family rather than the other way around. I do come from a family of really hard working people, and although I don't see anything wrong with being a hard-working parent, I also know how upset I was that my mum couldn't be there to cheer me on during sports day (not that I was any good at them anyway!) or come and watch any of my Christmas plays. 

This year we felt ready to take the plunge and add the first member to our family, due in early December or if he/she is late... due around Christmas! Running our own business has allowed us a great deal of freedom which we treasure everyday, but it's also extremely stressful when one of the two is falling asleep at random times throughout the day - pregnancy is so hard! Personally, I have learned to take things a bit easier and listening to my body. Not something I have done much of since I started Blush and Gold. 

And what about the business you might ask? Well, I am due to go on maternity leave in early November, but luckily Paul is completely confident and capable of taking over the stationery side of Blush and Gold until I am back...so don't panic, we have everything under control. Also, we have been working hard on finalising some new products (which some of you have been asking for some time now!) so there's still going to be lots of newness here...and of course, a brand new baby!




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