How to politely request "no children" on your wedding invitations

This is probably one of the most delicate topic of the whole wedding planning process. But fear not, you are not alone when it comes to wanting a child free wedding, whether it's due to a personal preference of number restrictions at the venue.

If you decide to host an adult-only wedding, you should specify whether that means for the entire wedding day or just the reception and make it clear on your invitations. It is also common and acceptable to make exceptions for children of close family and infants so don't feel like it's a all or nothing kind of situation... most of your guests will love the opportunity to leave their kids with their grandparents or babysitter and let their hair down for a day!

Below you'll find some examples of wording you can use to tactfully ask your guests to kindly on your invitations:

 No children at wedding guide

Please accept our wishes of no children,
so book yourselves a babysitter,
come and have a carefree time!
We are only able to extend our invitation
to children of the immediate wedding party.
We apologise for any inconvenience and hope that
you can still join us to celebrate our special day.
In order to allow all guests, including parents,
a day of relaxation we have chosen for our
wedding day to be an adult only occasion.
We hope this advance notice means you are still able
to share our big day and will enjoy having the day off!
To give all guests the opportunity to let their hair down
we politely request no children.
Regrettably due to number restrictions we will
not be able to accommodate any children. 
Unfortunately, due to space constraints at the venue,
we will not be able to accommodate children
other than close family and babes-in-arms. 
Regretfully, due to facilities and logistics
we are unable to accommodate children at our event.
We hope you can use this as an opportunity to take a break
and let your hair down instead!
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How to say no children to weddings
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