Behind the scenes - Velvet Wedding Planners

 As you might have seen from our social media platforms, we are in the process of launching some beautiful velvet wedding planners! We did a 'soft launch' a few weeks ago and we were so taken aback by the positive response, that we ran out of the small stock we had in a couple of days! 

We are working hard to be able to find the right suppliers and manufacturers to produce them to our standard and we are thrilled to say we are almost there! In just a couple of weeks, we'll be able to unleash them again.

We love this stage of the process. Product development is definitely one of the most difficult, yet rewarding side of the job. From choosing the correct type of velvet, learning about its composition and properties, talking to ribbon suppliers and choosing the right kind of materials to work with, so much work goes into each little decision to make each book as special as possible. 

Our velvet comes directly from Italy and it's of the finest quality. Our ribbons are hand dyed by hand in the UK. Each book is assembled with care in the London and shipped all over the world for you to enjoy and treasure.

luxury wedding planners

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