April 2019 self-care calendar

We are going to start this little series of monthly self-care calendars to celebrate the new website (and blog!). Blogging is something I have been putting off doing for ages as I am not a great writer. So I have been trying to come up with ideas for  blog posts, things I would actually enjoy talking about, and I now I have a list of way too many blog post ideas now...typical! Turns out I like blogging after all!

Probably the blog post idea that's the most fun for me is this series of calendars, that you can download, print and stick on your fridge. Every day there's a little challenge for you (and me) to do. The challenges are based on the idea of consciously taking a little bit more care of ourselves, even if it's for just 10 minutes a day. I have also added a few activities that include other people or that are for the benefit of other people, I believe that showing love and gratitude towards others can also be a kind of self-care activity.

You can download the file here. Enjoy!

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