'Foliage' Information Card

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The 'Foliage' information card is a practical addition to your invitations. Printed on 5x7" textured card, you can use it to add information such as hotel suggestions, taxi numbers, gift informations, etc. Text can be added on one side of the card (with the couples' names on the back) or it can be added on both sides (if you have a lot of information to go on it). On the reverse, you could also have an order of the day timeline or a bespoke map.

Information cards are only available to purchase by customers who also purchase invitations.

Size: 5x7"

All wording can be changed. 

The colours on this collection can be changed to match your wedding colour scheme.

Printed on 300gsm textured card.

green leaves rustic information card for weddings
green foliage rustic woodland invite