Vintage travel wedding stationery: the 'Adventure' collection

Romantic typography and a touch of vintage are the key elements of this delicate collection. Perfect for the well-travelled couple or to announce a far away destination wedding. This collection was launched a couple of months ago but it is already a favourite both in the pinkish version and in the more vintage version. The calligraphy font adds an extra touch of elegance...a real treasure!

vintage travel wedding invite

Rose Gold photoshoot

A few weeks ago I was asked if I'd like to participate in a 'Rose gold' themed wedding photoshoot and I obviously said yes! I put some of our 'Geometric Pink' invites and Save the Date cards in an envelope and posted it to the lovely people at House of Hud... and they shared these amazing photos with me! This is absolutely one of the most beautiful photoshoots I've ver seen. If I had to choose, the rose gold sequins and the colour scheme of the flower centrepieces would be my favourite details, and obviously our stationery too. What a dream wedding this would be!

Rose gold sequin
blush and gold wedding decorations
rose gold invitations close up
blush and gold invites
rusty pink wedding invitations
tipi wedding classy and elegant
glitter invite
delicate pink rose wedding cake

We are on Not ON The Highstreet!

What an exciting moment this is! we are officially a Not On The Hughstreet partner! I'm so glad they liked are work and  I am looking forward to take full advantage of this fabulous community of great people. Come and take a look at our Not On The Hughstreet shopfront here.

Not on the hitter shopfront

Wedding Stationery Vocabulary (Part 1)

I don't know if you feel the same way I do about this, but when I have to deal with a specialist person of any kind (mostly mechanics, but doctors come close second!), I often find myself completely intimidated by the knowledge gap between them and I... and I end up dreading having anything  to have to deal with them in the first place! Well, I sometimes wonder how brides-to-be feel about having to contact their wedding suppliers, sometimes not even knowing what to ask...I have been there! My fiancé and I are planning our wedding too and apart form music (he is a musician and most of our friends are too) and invitations... we are kind of lost to say the least. This is why I have decided to put together a series of posts about overcoming this barrier through understanding a little bit more about what your wedding stationery options are, so that planning for your invitations doesn't become one of those dreaded things on your to-do wedding list!

First stop...let's see what a few wedding stationery words mean: 

1. Pocketfold

Portrait Pocketfold

Portrait Pocketfold

Landscape Pocketfold

Landscape Pocketfold

Pocketfolds are trifold enclosures that are used to elegantly hold all your invitations and informations cards together. They are particularly popular with brides and they can really add a special touch to your stationery. They generally include: Invitation, Accommodation/ Directions card and RSVP card with envelope (and stamp). We offer two variations: portrait and landscape fold (see images). The whole package is generally held close by a bellyband or a sticker and inserted into an outer envelope to protect it during shipping. Take a look at our pockefold colour options.

2. Envelope Liner

envelope liner pink
envelope liners glitter gold

Envelope liners are sheets of paper or light card that are cut to the size of the inside of an envelope. They are then glued inside the envelope, leaving the sticky gummed area exposed (so you can still seal your envelope!). We offer two types of envelope liners: printed (to suit your chosen collection or bespoke design, only available for 5x7" and A6 items) or glitter (yellow gold, pink and silver glitter, we can manufacture these any size). Take a look at out previous post about our envelope liners here.

3. Bellyband

wedding stationery suite purple and blue.jpg
Belly band glitter gold

4. Gesso card/paper

Gesso card invitation
Gesso card menu wedding

Gesso card is one of our favourite card stock to print on. It has a lovely hammered texture, similar to watercolour paper. 

5. Silk card/paper

Silk card stock for invitations
silk card invite

Silk card and paper is the other main paper option we offer. It doesn't have any visible texture and its surface is smooth and silky (with a slight hint of a shine effect).

6. Perlescent card/paper

Perl Polar

Perl Polar

Perl Oyster

Perl Oyster

Per Platinum

Per Platinum


Perlescent card is often used for printing traditional wedding invitations. It is mainly available in three variants (which we can source for you): Polar, Oyster and Platinum. Printing on these types of card can be a little bit risky as the ink doesn't behave as well as it does with normal paper, so certain colours might not look as vibrant, but the overall result of using these types of paper is really stunning! Get in touch for a personalised quote.

Wedding Music - Introducing 'Once In A Lifetime'

A few weeks back we were asked to design the new branding for the amazing Berlin-based duo Once in a lifetime. We were really please they got in touch as we realised we had so much in common! They are a recently formed  wedding band, made out of two super talented and down-to-earth musicians with a true passion for what they do. Ok, our talents do not include music, but we do share their love for what we do!


The final chosen logo was based on our Boho Bohemia collection, but throughout the process, we worked on some alternative ideas to test out different design elements, colour schemes and font variations (as you can see below). In the end, we all agreed that the Boho Bohemia design was the better choice and truly reflected the delicate and fresh sound of their music. You should really check out their music, I can't recommend them enough. Listen to their music here and share some love on their Facebook page here.

logo developments