Bespoke Design

If you haven't found exactly the stationery you are looking for and you want to take your invitations to the next level, the bespoke option is the right choice for you! We'll design your invitations and any other collateral  material to your specifications. If you have a theme for your wedding or party in mind and and can't find a collection to reflect it, then get in touch! We'll be happy to help you turning your ideas into a reality. Your stationery will be as unique as you and your event are. Pricing works on a design fee basis so please get in touch to discuss your ideas and we'll send you a personalised quote.

1. Ideas!

First of all, get in touch! Send us an email with your ideas, your chosen colour scheme and any details about your wedding that you have already decided on. You could even share a Pinterest board with us to give us more of an idea of what you have in mind! To be able to give you a quote, we will also need to find out what items you require and how many of each. Don't worry if you are unsure, we can advise you and come up with some interesting ideas together!

2. Design:

Once we have a clear idea of what you will need, we will send you a quote for the whole job. We will also give you a rough schedule of when each step of the process will be completed by so you know exactly when to expect to see your proofs! We will expect 50% of the invoice to be paid before we commence the design process. Once the payment has cleared, we'll get busy with designing! We will send you the first digital proof within the first week and then we'll go from there and refine it to your expectations (three proof stages are included in the quote).

3. Signed, sealed, delivered!

Once the digital artwork has been signed off by you, we will send it to our trusted printers, although we will require the remaining payment before we can send it over. We will not be able to make any further changes once the artwork has been sent off. Expect 2 weeks for manufactory and delivery and enjoy your beautiful stationery! 

Read our FAQs if you have any questions or get in touch!